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Important Notice -  United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

 Dear valued customers,

As a UK based business, our supply of SleepPhones to European consumers is being disrupted as of 1st January 2021 due to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

This will mean that any items we ship to the consumer in Europe will need to have import taxes paid to the parcel carrier rather than at time of purchase.

We appreciate this may cause upset and inconvenience for our customers, so we are currently taking steps for our European partner to manage this web site from early January 2021

Until then, we recommend purchasing SleepPhones from our authorised partner on Amazon.  Please click on the links:



Amazon DE:

Amazon FR:  https://www.amazon.fr/sk=sleepphones&me=A28TC2UCRJZ38X&__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&ref=nb_sb_noss

Amazon ES:  https://www.amazon.es/sk=sleepphones&me=A28TC2UCRJZ38X&__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&ref=nb_sb_noss

Amazon IT:  https://www.amazon.it/sk=sleepphones&me=A28TC2UCRJZ38X&__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&ref=nb_sb_noss

Amazon NL:  https://www.amazon.nl/sk=sleepphones&me=A28TC2UCRJZ38X&__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&ref=nb_sb_noss

The SleepPhones headphones are all about helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. That means no more sleepless nights due to partner snoring or other distractions. Watch more videos to learn how SleepPhones can improve your sleep.

AcousticSheep, LLC designs and manufactures soft comfortable headphones in a patented headband design, with an emphasis on using environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. We strive to use local resources, stay technologically-savvy, and be socially responsible as we create the market for innovative headband headphones.

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