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SleepPhones Parts - Speakers, Modules & Cables


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In case something happens to your SleepPhones, we have all the spares available.

Sold Separately as follows:

Speakers only for wired and wireless models:

Speakers for ASL03 Wireless Module (Square)

Speakers for ASL06 Wireless Module (Oblong) and ASL10 Module (Oblong for Effortless only)

Wired speakers for SleepPhones classic (3.5mm audio jack, 48 inches long)

Modules only:

ASL06 (Oblong) is the current version for wireless SleepPhones and RunPhones

ASL03 (Square) is for older version of SleepPhones and RunPhones

ASL10 is for Effortless only and requires the Effortless charging base

USB Cable:

Replacement Micro USB to USB 2.0 cable for charging wireless modules

Effortless Charging Kits (UK & EU versions):

The Extra Charging Kit contains a charging base*, cord, and wall adapter for your SleepPhones Effortless. Please indicate which wall adapter you require.

This Kit was designed so you could create an extra charging station for your SleepPhones Effortless.

If you are looking to upgrade your Wireless SleepPhones to SleepPhones Effortless, you will need to purchase this charging kit as well as the Effortless Bluetooth Module (ASL10).

* Charging base can only be used with SleepPhones Effortless products.

All come with the same 1 year warranty as your original SleepPhones. Please note that these do not come with the SleepPhones headband.

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